May 23, 2021

FinTech with impact

FinTech with impact is Paysme's vision & purpose to create a Super App of financial services to help underserved small business communities transition to the digital economy.

Everything we do is centred around our customers' needs with embedded outcomes that contribute a meaningful impact for traditional SMEs, who are the heartbeat of our local communities.

Our mission aligns with at least 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals & our customer driven results can be seen, measured & communicated daily, including:

Financial Inclusion - access to fairer financial services from a single platform incl. mobile payments, e-commerce, digital banking, accounting, insurance, pension, EV financing, loyalty & rewards

Sustainable Communities - facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, sustainable packaging, minimising food waste & recurring charitable donations via Paysme apps

Shareholder Democratisation - a crowdfunding, cash back rewards & innovative 'evergreen' share scheme has enlarged our Shareholder base to over 500 & still growing, with 71% (by no.) now customers/advocates in 25 towns & cities

Next up is a funding round to accelerate our growth plans, so if you'd like to join our transformational 'FinTech with Impact' journey please email to discuss further.